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Fenix Tales new album “The Abyss eye” re

“The Abyss eye” review on Metallized !! A distanza di circa un anno dal loro EP, i fiorentini Fenix Tales danno alle stampe il loro primo full-length. Se già con Confutatis Maledictis la proposta del gruppo nostrano si era rivelata interessante e ricca di spunti tutt’altro che ordinari, con The Abyss Eye…

Fenix Tales sign with Black Widow Record...

Italian Fenix Tales sign with the hystorical label. The new album “The Abyss eye” will be distributed in the best stores in Italy and overseas. Massimo Gasperini (Black Widow Records.) says: “A very nice and interesting work that, despite some symphonic goth-metal coordinates, stands out above average of the genre due to his sound and […]

live air on Radio Shout

  Fenix Tales on live air on Radio Shout!!! …trasmissione “Radio Special 500-Vibrazioni in musica” on air 20 gen. from 9.30 to 10.30 p.m. You can liste it from page: http://www.radioshout.eu/