Fenix Tales (Black Widow Records) is an italian Gothic Opera Metal Music band that was founded in 2008 in Florence (Italy) by the keyboard player Marco Moretti, the band has two pro classical musician, the soprano Lucy and the violinist Federico.
(members bio: http://www.fenixtales.it/biography/members/?lang=en)

In the beginning, the band started out with a very strong Gothic personality (a melodic line harmony that get’s its’ inspiration from the classical music tradition; a singer with a powerful and incisive voice but with a bright vocal timbre; a genre that is borderline between classical and contemporary music; very modern lyrics still with a dark and existential content though), but is now heading towards a symphonic style with a cinematographic impact, thanks to the Metal rhythm which is getting increasingly clear and defined, as well as the choirs and orchestral arrangements. The big variety of musicians taking part in the band affects it in a many-faceted manner with the following inputs as a result: Classical from keyboards and voice, Folk Celtic from the violin, Rock from the bass and the guitar, and, eventually Metal from the drums – all of which contribute to obtaining the special and original sound

August 2015 The single “Confutatis Maledictis” is published.
September 2015. The single is number 1 Bestseller on Amazon Italy in “Hard Rock e Metal”

November 2015 The full leght CD “The Abyss eye” is published. November 2015. The CD is number 1 Bestseller on Amazon Italy in “Hard Rock e Metal”.
January 2016. The CD is number 39 Bestseller on Amazon USA in “Alternative Metal”.

CD “The Abyss eye” playlist:

  • 01 Once upon a time
  • 02 Friendly darkness
  • 03 Confutatis Maledictis
  • 04 War
  • 05 Paths
  • 06 The abyss eye
  • 07 LCI
  • 08 Dolls

“la voix de Lucy realise des merveilles…”
“…deja’ l’envol du FENIX, un regal pour qui est assidu du genre…”
“…un tocsin retentit sur fond d’orage ouvrant “War”:  BLACK SABBATH n’aurait pas fait mieux…”
“Fenix Tales est deja’ une valeur montante…”
“…une piece maitresse de l’art gothic metal….”
(Highlands Magazine 79)


“…FENIX TALES vient rappeler une nouvelle fois qu’il est toujours possible d’allier beauté sonore à réussite et l’art lyrique à l’agressivité des décibels…” “…un instant délicat et magique au milieu de ce monde de brutes et de ses avancées incessantes. Un beau conte dans un monde sonore merveilleux !”


“If there is a country operatic metal should come from it is Italy. ” “…FENIX TALES does it great. You get the dramatic feel of an opera listening to this CD. It is almost like you’d want to go to a classical opera (but only just)
(Battle Helm Magazine)

All press reviews: http://www.fenixtales.it/home-2/press/rassegna-stampa/

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  • Lucy Lucia Liù- voice
  • Simone – drums
  • Federico – string
  • Marco Moretti – keys (founder, composer)



Videoclip: “A dolls dream”:


“LCI” Lyric video:

“Dolls” – Fenix Tales

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single "Confutatis Maledictis" CD "The Abyss eye"