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“the epic-cinematographic nature of Fenix Tales’ sonority…”
“…the superb performance of Lucia being perfectly supported by the Metal parts – recalling a hybridization of “Nightwish” and “Epica”
“…majestic title track, “The Abyss Eye” – on which malevolent vocals make an expressive counterpoint to the violins, backed up by epic choirs instilled with the magnitude of “Giuseppe Verdi” (and that I wished to be played at my funeral), trespassed by Metal-styled guitar solo.”
“Overall, I found Fenix Tales’s album a real fantastic work in the realm of “Female Fronted Symphonic Gothic-Metal”, being flooded with Italian operatic lyricism.”
“…and soon will be gaining their place in the hearts of fans of “Epica”, “Nightwish” , “After Forever”, “Dreams of Sanity”, “Aesma Daeva”, “Rain Fell Within”, ………
to whom Fenix Tales is more than highly recommendable!”
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